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African American Heritage

A genealogical resource.

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Consumer Health Complete Consumer Health Complete

Everyday healthcare information

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Consumer Reports Consumer Reports

Consumer buying guide and product reviews

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Explora Public Libraries

Reliable content from the world's leading magazines and reference books grouped into easy-to-browse categories.

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A genealogical resource geared toward military information.

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Free Practice Driving Tests Free Practice Driving Tests

Practice Ohio's DMV permit test for free!  No registration required.

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A genealogical resource.

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Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center

From knitting to astronomy, this is a database to help you learn about your new favorite hobby.

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Home Improvement Reference Center

An easy to use guide to building, installation, and upkeep for your home.

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Kids InfoBits

Kids InfoBits has resources for many areas including Literature, Animals, Technology, Sports, Health, Sciences, Arts, and much more!

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gale legal forms Legal Forms Database

Thousands of legal forms available with more forms being added daily. Official, state specific, federal, business, personal, real estate and general forms covering hundreds of legal subjects and issues.

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Lynda is a database of online video courses in business, software, and more.

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Oxford Research Encyclopedias

Extensive and updated research encyclopedia. 

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Small Business Reference Center

Helpful resource for information on running a small business. Covers start-up, financial, legal information and much more. 

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Very Short Introductions

A database full of quick description of many topics.

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Voting: Absentee Ballot

Use this link to apply for an Absentee Ballot.

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Voting: Check Registration

Use this link to check your registration status.

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Voting: Election Reminders

Use this link to sign up for election reminders.

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Voting: Register

Use this link to register to vote.

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What Tree Is It?

Ohio Tree Identification Guide

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What's That Snake? What's That Snake?

Ohio Snake Identification Guide

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What's the Point? What's the Point?

Identifying flint artifacts.

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World Book Kids World Book Kids

Thousands of colorful illustrations, diagrams, and maps enrich thousands of articles, with teacher guides.

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World Book Online World Book Online

Information resources for preschool through college

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World Book Students World Book Students

Contains an extensive multimedia collection, including editor-selected websites, and correlations to state standards.

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